Recruitment & Selection (Domestic and International positions)

  • Formulate search strategy as per defined job description.
  • Conduct search to identify potential candidates.
  • Evaluate candidate’s professional qualification and personal characteristics as per the position requirement.
  • Present selected candidates profiles.
  • Reference check of candidate

Manpower Planning

  • Forecasting manpower requirement based on corporate strategies.
  • Forecasting internal and external supply.
  • Estimating the Net Man Power Requirements
  • Action Plan for Redeployment, Redundancy/Retrenchment
  • Recruitment and Selection Plan

Induction & On Boarding

  • Developing induction and on boarding programmes in alignment with the job role & responsibilities and work culture.
  • Provide a well-crafted job description
  • Record of induction
  • Annual refresher

Training & Development

Provides training on the following areas:
  • Change management
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation training
  • Project management training
  • Sales training
  • Quality assurance training
  • ICT training
  • Team building training
  • Time management training