Support Services to Interim Resolution Professional (IRP)

  • Assisting in verification of claims
  • Assisting in releasing of Public Announcement
  • Assisting in managing the affairs of the Corporate Debtor
  • Assisting in convene first meeting of CoC
  • Drafting notices, meeting papers and minutes of the CoC meeting

Support Services to Resolution Professional (RP)

  • Statutory Compliances and Accounting Support Services of the Corporate Debtor
  • Preparation of information memorandum
  • Assisting in preparation for Invitation for Expression of Interest along with eligibility criteria for inviting Resolution Applicant and Potential Bidders/Buyers.
  • Preparation of Request for Resolution Plan along with Evaluation Matrix.
  • Examination of Resolution Plans.
  • To investigate the financial a?airs of the Corporate Debtor to determine undervalued, preferential, extortionate credit or fraudulent transactions.
  • Raising interim finance
  • Assisting in convening the meetings of CoC including conducting of drafting of notices, meeting papers and minutes of the CoC meeting, e-voting etc.
  • Drafting, of the various reports to filed with Adjudicating Authority.

Support Services to the Liquidator

  • Assisting in verification of claim
  • Assisting in convening the meetings of stakeholders including drafting of notices, meeting papers and minutes of the stakeholders meeting
  • Assisting in preparation of preliminary report, progress report, asset memorandum etc.
  • Assisting in preparation of various books and registers as required in IBBI (Liquidation Process) Regulations 2016
  • Assisting in e-auction process, drafting of Invitation for Expression of Interest etc.

Other Services

  • Representation of Financial /Operational Creditor/ Suspended Directors in Committee of Creditors meeting
  • Assisting in Filing of Claims during on behalf of the Financial /Operational Creditor/Workmen/Employee/Authorised Representative/any other stakeholders during CIRP and Liquidation Process.
  • Preparation of Expression of Interest (EOI) & Resolution Plan on behalf of Prospective Resolution Applicant.